Getting the Kind of Wedding Social Stationery That You Want

Your wedding stationery is your personal branding for the day. The invitations are you and me inc. So make sure that you have a clear idea of your brand. Decide on colours, and how you would like to see your wedding brand. Your wedding stationery isn’t just the invitation, it is the menu, the order of service, the favour boxes. Have a think about exactly what you need in terms of wedding stationery this means that your day can be tailored around a theme, and more importantly around you.

Get inspired

Give you wedding stationery designer a few of your favourite things. The more you can give in terms of inspiration the better the invitations will be. Whether it is the story of how you met, your favourite flyers, record covers, fashion pictures. Everything that has formed the story of your relationship is great to relay to the designer. With this information it is possible for the designer to create your personal story using paper.

Quirky or Classique:

We love quirky invitations, but we love classic stuff too. But, don’t feel pressured about what kind of invitation you have send. Your wedding stationery has to be a reflection of your ideas and feelings. If you make sure that you are true to yourself, you will have wedding stationery that is a real reflection of who you are.

Don’t feel subdued by other peoples convictions, this is your big day and you need to do it the way that makes you happy. Make sure that you choose invitations that really let you shine through and isn’t about other people; it’s all about you.

To Save the Date or Not to Save the Dave:

Save the dates are becoming more and more popular, are they essential, no – but it is a great way to get your guests to reserve the day. And it gives you some breathing space so you are not under pressure to send the entire invitation. A save the date is a great way of making sure that everyone who needs to know has the information about your big day, and it will allow them to let them make arrangements in advance.

Timing is of the essence:

Everyone knows that they need to have wedding invitations but one of the most important considerations is when do you send them out. With wedding stationery the easiest way to determine your schedule is based on what kind of wedding you are having. If you are having a destination wedding get your invitations out at least 9 months in advance.

If you are having a wedding that is near to where you live your wedding stationery doesn’t need to be posted until 6 months before the big day.

Stamping your authority:

You can have regular stamps, but the awesome thing is that you can now have stamps that are customised with the logo of your choice. You can get the stamp to match the wedding stationery excellent isn’t it? Ask your wedding stationer about getting your own personal stamps.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate:

Invitation design is team work, and the relationship between the designer and couple is important. Make sure that you have an open and friendly dialogue – the more communication the better the invitations will be. Don’t feel shy, speaking up will make sure you get invitations you love.